Thank you!

The following individuals and organisations have big hearts and donated their professional services for FREE in order to help set up and promote Selfie Salon. If you wish to contribute towards, time and resources to this fun little project and possess a big heart to help, please contact us at

For everybody else, just Dedicate, Donate and Nominate...

E-Man Venture Labs

E-man Venture Labs for donating time and resources for FREE to help with any technical and design resources.
E-Man Venture Labs


Journolink for donating time and resources for FREE in offering to create a press release and help distribute the campaign across the UK.

Hair & beauty charity

Samantha Grocutt and the hair and beauty charity relief fund for their support and backing of the campaign across social media.
Hair & beauty charity

Dr Charlotte Manistybarts charity

Dr Charlotte Manisty from Barts COVID19 Research Consortium for her support and endorsement of the idea.
Barts charity

Save the high street

Alex Schalgman, Lyndsay King and Save The High Street for their help for creating awareness of our campaign amongst the small business and hair and beauty community.
Save The High Street

And finally….

Simon Prockter, Shed Simove, Peter Ibbetson, Collette Osbourne, Sam Verghese, Nicolas, Dimitar and Ivan at E-Man Venture Labs and friends and family and to everybody else who has been positive towards the idea and given hours of time to offer support.